First Thought Best Thought: Meditation & The Creative Process

with Rachel Faro

September 20th (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $5.00 General
Room: Unity On The Bay

Where does music, poetry, dance and art come from?  Many artists feel as if they don't actually own their work, that it just arises.  From where does this inspiration come?  There are many artists, musicians and poets who do not formally meditate and yet produce great work.  But many of them do practice forms of meditation without naming it as such.  What do meditation and the arts have in common:  a need for training and discipline, a flowing mind and most of all finding a way to stay present, in the moment.

In this final gathering for Shambhala's summer series of Dharma Gatherings we will not only discuss creativity and meditation we will also create music, poetry, dance, drawings.  Musicians -- bring a song!  Poets -- bring a poem!  Dancers -- bring your movement!  Most of all, be prepared to meditate and to discover one's own brilliance.

This event is a co-production of Unity On The Bay and the Miami Shambhala Meditation Group.

$5 suggested donation -- no one is turned away for lack of funds.