Cultivating A Culture of Kindness

with Rachel Faro

March 15th

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  • $5.00 General
Room: Unity On The Bay

We live in challenging times.  We look at the world and see conflict, greed, cruelty, prejudice, aggression and suffering.  Helpless and hopeless, we imagine a dark future. How do we face these times with aspiration, love and energy?  We shall discuss how a simply daily meditation can help develop insight and gentleness and how acts of kindness ignite our own basic goodness and that of others.  We shall discuss interdependence and how the smallest act may contribute towards a global shift towards a more compassionate culture.   This event offers meditation instruction, group meditation and discussion.

Unity On The Bay
East House
411 NE 21st St.
Miami FL 33137

Suggested donation: $5.00 (no one shall be turned away for lack of funds)