Shambhala Dharma Gathering at Unity On The Bay

August 16th (2018)

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  • $5.00 General
Room: Unity On The Bay

The Miami Shambala Meditation Group is excited to partner with the diverse and vibrant Unity On The Bay for a series of Dharma Gatherings, every third Thursday of the month.

The Dharma Gatherings are open to anyone who is interested in learning to meditate or wishes to deepen their meditation practice. Generally the event includes a talk or a book reading, meditation instruction and group meditation, with tea and cookies and socializing afterwards. Each month the Dharma Gathering will have a different topic, such as "Learn To Meditate", "Why Meditate?", "Is Enlightened Society Possible?", "The Wisdom of Emotions", etc. You will just have to show up and be surprised by that night's topic. 

We welcome anyone who would like to learn meditation practice and who aspires to expand the experience of gentleness into all areas of life. Come sit with us!