Shambhala In The Grove

February 26th

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  • $10.00 General
  • $5.00 Member
Room: Dharma Studio

Every Sunday at 7:45 PM the Miami Shambhala Meditation Group meets at Dharma Studio in Coconut Grove.  This event offers medtation instruction, group meditation practice, readings and discussion.  All are welcome to join this gathering, beginners and experienced meditators alike.

This event occurs right after Dharma Studio's gentle stretchy yoga class, a perfect class to set the mood for meditation.

Beginning January 2017 we are introducing a series of Sunday events on different dharma-related subjects.  Some of these events are described below.

50% discount for members of Shambhala.

Location: Dharma Studio
3170 Commodore Plaza (between Main Highway & Grand Ave.)
Coconut Grove FL 33133.
Tel: 305 461 1777

Sunday, January 1st: Gathering Goodness: Meditation for the New Year
Come join us in noble silence as we contemplate the new year and perpetuate goodness and sanity in this troubled times.

Sunday January 8th: Noble Silence: Group Meditation Practice

Sunday, January 15th: The Dharma of Caretaking with Andrea Sherman
Andrea Sherman is a member of the New York Shambhala Center and a leader in their working group on aging. She is the director of Transitional Keys, wellness program that uses “ritual response” to transform times of change and transition into opportunities for personal growth, insight, and creativity.

Sunday, January 22nd: Learn To Meditate with Rachel Faro
It seems we all agree that training the body through exercise, diet, and relaxation is a good idea. So why don’t we think about training our minds?  Through the practice of meditation the mind becomes more stable, calm and clear and bring a sense of gentleness and clarity into our daily lives. Rachel Faro is the founder and primary teacher for the Miami Shambhala Meditation Group.